I'm Hayden and also an Idaho. I am full of shit, I'm a plagarist.


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ponds dry up 
eventually just like 
everything that dies 
I’ll build a house on 
Blizzard Lane 
to store up all of my lies 
for the rest of 
my life 
Qué sera, sera 
what should be 
will not always be 
the future’s not 
mine to see 
Qué sera, sera 
I’m fucking tired 
of always breathing fire 
you’ll catch a 
I can’t put you out. 
bad vibes and bad lies 
the only thing I can’t live without

v good

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Andrew Jackson Jihad // Skipping Stone

"I’ll be your lake if you are my skipping stone.
I will be your company if you find yourself alone.
I will be your money if you can’t afford a home.
I’ll be your lake if you are my skipping stone.”

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